What Makes IMPAX Different?

Implementation is the focus of everything.

It's not about training. Sure, the training is usually an important element of the solution, but the focus of everything we do is implementation.

There are hundreds of "how-to's" – ideas, tactics and strategies inherent in the IMPAX Process, to assist you in selling and managing your accounts.

We provide hands-on field coaching and training where we actually go in the field with our clients and work side-by-side to apply the process to real accounts. Whether IMPAX is working with you in the field, in the classroom or supporting you with unique implementation tools, the emphasis is always on implementing the process in your accounts for your success.

We believe in sales training that gets used, so we tailor our service delivery to fit every client's unique needs and offer those services in a variety of settings. We offer you classroom training (including train-the-trainer), "hands-on" field coaching, comprehensive implementation tools, self-directed training, customized course development, management/leadership training and organizational internalization. In addition, we apply our services to your real-life client situations, not fictitious case studies or simulations. Then we measure results and drive organizational internalization.

The IMPAX process really is different.

We've all heard it, "every sales process is pretty much the same." However, the IMPAX Process really is different. It is an actionable, closed-loop process – not just a sales call approach. It involves strategy, planning and tactics – not just theory and internal strategy. It combines and leverages the art and science of sales. Above all, the IMPAX Process is visible to your customers because it involves them in all three steps – research, communication and presentation (RCP®). Customers respect and appreciate being on the receiving end of this highly professional process. It helps you to strengthen your competitive differentiation not just based on what you sell or how much you sell it for, but by how you sell and do business.

IMPAX drives measurable results.

Our clients realize measurable results from the investments they make in the IMPAX process. Clients can hone professional skills, increase account knowledge, enhance account presence and relationships, and develop a more strategic account positioning. They also achieve significant business results, including increased revenue, profit, market share and customer satisfaction. The return on the investment continues as sales organizations internalize the process and make it the standard way that they conduct business.

We have practical skills and experience.

Every one of our sales consultants and trainers has a successful sales background, and we understand the challenges our clients face every day. We've been involved in thousands of sales and account management situations in the field and in the classroom on six continents helping our clients implement the IMPAX Process in their target accounts. No matter what your B2B selling situation is, we can help you achieve your sales objectives.