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Mark Shonka   Dan Kosch
Mark Shonka
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Dan Kosch
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Speaker Testimonials

Jeff Kiesel, Chief Executive Officer of Restaurant Technologies, Inc. shared with us "We've had motivational-type speakers before and they made us feel good, but they didn't really add anything to tangibly benefit the organization. Dan, on the other hand, did; he is entertaining and inspirational, no doubt about it. But, more importantly, he communicated a very clear, practical message on how to conduct business that will, ultimately, help us achieve the growth we desire." Click Here to read more.

Michelle Wolter, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Bailiwick said that she "knew Dan's approach was just what we needed to shatter the ceiling, so we hired him to roll out the value selling Process. His presentation was going to set the tone for an entire campaign, he broke down his concepts to an elemental level, using terms everyone could understand, to explain economic conditions and the pressures of the marketplace, what we can do about them and how we need to evolve as a company." Click Here to read more.

Tony Ennis, Director of National Sales at Jostens states that "Mark brings great passion and a very appropriate sense of humor. You can imagine that after three-and-a-half days of intense meetings it would be very easy for an audience to check out, but my sales team was completely captivated by Mark's humor, his deeply engaging delivery, and his use of real-life examples." Click Here to read more.

Ollie Richards, Division Vice President of Sales Development, Maritz, Inc. shared with us that they have "seen procurement rise to power as companies try to cut costs. But when we tried to tell our value story to procurement, they just wouldn't hear it. We needed to reach an audience that would embrace our value. That's why we hired Mark Shonka to speak to our sales professionals." Click Here to read more.

Michael Dumas, Vice President of Communication and Data Products at Graybar shared with us "Dan imparted key information our team could use immediately to successfully sell value, such as how to network within an organization to reach the decision maker and why it's important to present around their business needs." Click Here to read more.

Dan Haggerty of Detroit Diesel Sales Parts Team said "Before Dan's presentation, my distributors were struggling with the changing business environment; today, they're looking at their customers far more strategically and embracing the strategy of selling value to end users. Consequently, I'm confident they're going to succeed." Click Here to read more.

Chris Powell, Vice President and General Manager, Sales and Marketing at GE Healthcare Integrated IT Solutions said "...Not only is Mark engaging, he comes across as sincere and knowledgeable about the art of selling..." Click Here to read more.

Thomas Beddow, Vice President of Public Affairs at 3M stated that "...Dan has a very engaging way about him and a compelling personality..." Click Here to read more.

Stephen Jennings, Vice President of Americas Sales at Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging (LGGI) promised himself "…if I ever needed a presenter for a multi-cultural audience again, Mark would be my first call." Click Here to read more.

Terry Swanson, Area Vice President for Berbee Information Networks Corporation said "...Mark Shonka provided our sales professionals a solid understanding of the challenges of today's business environment and how to avoid being pigeonholed as "just another vendor..." Click Here to read more.

Craig Carson, Chief Executive Officer at Balboa Insurance reflects "...Dan thoroughly engages his audience. He articulates his message clearly, embellishes where appropriate, and, most importantly, shapes his delivery or style to whomever he is communicating with. He knows how to embrace his audience..." Click Here to read more.

Dennis Meyer, Vice President of Sales, Banta explains "...Mark Shonka came highly recommended from some well respected national sales leaders, and when I met with him, I fully understood why..." Click Here to read more.

Albert Beninati, Strategic Business Unit Leader for the Chemicals Group at Nalco Company was excited when "...Dan presented new information that even the most seasoned participants could use immediately..." Click Here to read more.

Robb Green, Senior Corporate Sales Manager at W.W. Grainger said that "...Mark far surpassed our expectations..." Click Here to read more.

John McCarthy, Business Development Manager for 3M and Sales and Marketing Executive International Minnesota Chapter President brought Mark and Dan in to speak at one of the SMEI chapter events. John explained that "...both Mark and Dan thoroughly engaged the audience with a very topical speech and compelling delivery..." Click Here to read more.

Ramon Avila, George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Marketing, Ball State University explains "…the participants came from a broad range of industries so it was critical that our featured speaker have a message that could be applicable to any business. Dan most definitely fit the bill..." Click Here to read more on both testimonials.

Kenneth R. Evans, Associate Dean, Pinkney C. Walker, Professor of Marketing Division invited Dan to participate in a panel discussion on critical sales and management issues to a group of academics. "...he was a strong panelist; very collaborative... with cutting-edge issues." Click Here to read more.

Jim Micklos, Sr. Account Executive, Motivation Excellence, Inc. and Chairman, Sales Advisory Board, Ball State University also stated that "...What's particularly impressive is that Dan's message is relevant to sales professionals no matter what their industry or their level in the organization..." Click Here to read more.

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