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Breaking the Rules
111 Tips for Selling Value in the Era of Procurement


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Beyond Selling Value
A Proven Process to Avoid the Vendor Trap


Beyond Selling Value is now available in an electronic format for ONLY $9.99 at for use with Kindle and Kindle apps, for use with Nook and Nook apps, and Apple iTunes for use with iOS mobile devices.

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The Keys to The Kingdom
51 Selling Tips for Efficiently Understanding your Customer's Business

$6.99 (Electronic Version Only)

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compact discs

mark shonka photoIMPAX – The Bottom Line In Selling
CD Series Narrated by Mark Shonka

Three CD Set, $85.00

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implementation tools

Underlying all of these service delivery options is a complete series of implementation tools for sales and management. These implementation tools include:

Management Quick Reference Laminated Card, $14.00
Manager’s Review Worksheet (Pad of 25), $18.00

Inside Sales Research Call Quick Reference Card, $14.00
Self Improvement Evaluation Forms (Pad of 25), $18.00

Research Meeting Quick Reference Card, $14.00

Target Account Selection Model Worksheets (SAS/MAS) (Set of 8), $11.00
SAM Account Planner, $29.00

Reference Guide (IMPAX Service, SAS, SAM, PIS, PS), $45.00

Presentation Development Guide (IMPAX Service, SAS, SAM), $17.00

IMPAX Process Laminated Reminder Cards (pocket sized), $6.00

Research Meeting Worksheets (Pad of 25), $18.00

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires (Set of 8), $11.00

Value Assessment Questionnaires (Set of 25), $18.00


In addition to client specific training workshops, IMPAX offers a series of public sessions, where participants from various companies come together for a 3-day IMPAX training workshop. This workshop is live account based, and the participants have an opportunity to apply the IMPAX process to their live customer and prospect situations.

April 14-16 – Chicago, IL

June 9-11 – Chicago, IL

September 15-17 – Chicago, IL

October 20-22 – Chicago, IL

November 17-19 – Chicago, IL